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Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

Feb 27, 2024

While some insights pros prefer to float on the surface of data, Tina Tonielli is unafraid to take a deep dive. On the latest episode of the Shiny New Object podcast, Haleon's US and North American Lead, Consumer and Business Insights and Analytics, shares how she swims laps in raw data sources to uncover hidden...

Feb 20, 2024

Having access to data is key to making good marketing decisions, but Nendra van Wielink-Mohamed knows that not all data collected can be useful, and not all useful data can be or is collected in an organisation.

So, what are her top data driven marketing tips and why is her Shiny New Object... the avoidance of shiny new...

Feb 13, 2024

The latest episode Shiny New Object podcast looks at the future of data-driven marketing with Anna Estlund, Senior Director of Insight and Strategy at Pernod Ricard. 

Anna shares her innovative approach to navigating the complexities of marketing effectiveness through the lens of her "Creative Compass." Discover how her...