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Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

Apr 27, 2018

One of my favourite new people of 2018 is Rachel Falconer. She's the Head of Goldsmith's Digital Studios and I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with her. We discussed the impact that Blockchain will have on marketing and you can check it out here... hashtag#marketing hashtag#podcasting

Apr 20, 2018

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's 'Simon Kemp Week' cos I haven't shut up about him for the last few days. It's a little embarrassing. But it ain't stopping now. My interview with him for the 'Shiny New Object' podcast is now live. We talk about artificial empathy and imagination, how the world uses social and digital.

Apr 6, 2018

Augmented Reality / Amy Kean / Head of Strategic Innovation / Starcom by Tom Ollerton