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Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

May 29, 2022

Austin Roebuck has always been a fan of Coca-Cola, from growing up with Coke memorabilia collected by his father to then falling in love with marketing and managing to combine these two passions in his current role. 

He believes the future of marketing is inextricably linked with ESG - environment, societ and...

May 22, 2022

Narsingh Dixit is the Digital Growth Marketing Manager at Unilever, while also teaching digital marketing to young as well as experienced professionals, at BrainStation. 

Narsingh has focused on marketing throughout his career, but going out of his way to diversify the industries and the approaches he's taken. This has...

May 16, 2022

Aleena Mansoor is the Brand Director for luxury skincare brand SK-II at Procter & Gamble.

Throughout her career, she's found the importance of deep thinking time and carving this out in her diary, which is something she fully advises we all do in order to better consider what we're working on.

Her Shiny New Object is...

May 7, 2022

She may have "the most confusing job title in the world" but Jo Crawford is on a mission to move big corporate entities closer to creating a community online.

Whether this means dabbling in the metaverse or not is a different question! As you'll see in the latest podcast episode, the metaverse is one of Jo's latest big...

May 2, 2022

A scientist who spent 9 years in management consulting with McKinsey, Jeremy King loves using data to make decisions. The sheer number of businesses who rely on guess work and fail their product launches convinced him to start Attest - a consumer research platform dedicated to provided continuous insights to help...