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Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

Apr 26, 2019

“Convincing a brand that they are not going to be the centre of attention is a hard thing” this quote comes from Spike Jones the SVP of Strategic Services at Khoros this week on the #ShinyNewObject podcast.

Spike is passionate that brands “walk a mile in their customer's shoes” and has some insightful stories to...

Apr 18, 2019

“The internet is a representation of humanity and advertising funds the what are we (brands) then funding?”

This quote comes from my conversation with Jerry Daykin EMEA Media Director for GSK and Jake Dubbins MD/Co-Founder of Media Bounty and Co-Chair of the Conscious Advertising Network.

The podcast...

Apr 12, 2019

“Women having kids is a problem in the industry” - this quote comes from Maria Cadbury founder of We Are Spring this week on the Shiny New Object podcast.

By her own admission, her “biggest work f*ck up” has been to have three children. Her employers have not been “as reasonable as they needed to be.” Each...

Apr 5, 2019


‘We jump five steps ahead when it comes to tech - instead of using the basics’ this quote comes from Jon Mew CEO at IAB UK this week on the Shiny New Object Podcast.

Jon is a progressive and brave leader who isn’t afraid to experiment with new ways of leading his organisation. He makes the...