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Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

Dec 14, 2018

“I had a love affair with radio from an early age”

There’s not many people who know more about voice tech than James - this episode will get you up to speed on all things voice based. If you agree with James that “voice is the first line of defence for most businesses” and you’re a brand experimenting in...

Dec 7, 2018

When I asked Tony how he wants the industry to look back on his career he told me - “I don’t want people to remember my career.” This is typical of an incredibly senior yet down-to-earth marketer who has only great intentions for Domino’s - “I want to leave the brand in a better state than when I came, stick...

Nov 26, 2018

“We are on a mission to make banking cool, unofficially” this quote comes from Tristan Thomas, Marketing Director of Monzo this week on the #ShinyNewObject podcast.

Today Monzo are launching their third round of crowdfunding. To put this in context their first round raised £1M in ninety seconds and their second...

Nov 22, 2018

Marco’s shiny new object is “Marketing in a Screenless World” - and he’s on a mission to draw marketers attention away from visual marketing. He claims that “The marketing world is obsessed with video” and tells us of the seismic changes in the industry that Voice Tech and Audio will bring.

Nov 15, 2018

‘The potential for programmatic is so ripe but it is yet to be fulfilled’ - this quote comes from Gerry D’Angelo - Global Media Director at P&G this week on the #ShinyNewObject podcast. We discuss how the rate of innovation in marketing technology is so fast that the creatives in the industry are slow to keep up....