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Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

Jul 24, 2018

“Being irritating is a good way of bringing about more interesting conversations” this quote is from Tom Goodwin EVP Head of Innovation at Zenith on this week’s Shiny New Object podcast. Tom goes into detail about his role and how he encourages brands to “explore the change that matters not the change that doesn’t.” This is a frank interview that covers some spectacular multi-million pound f*ck ups in Tom’s career. He’s brutally honest about how these failures have taught him to “trust your gut.” His Shiny New Object is ‘mobile’ which he feels has more potential than the newer marketing technologies. His passion for a proper use of mobile stems from the fact that most brands overlook the power of a great mobile user experience. His mission is to stop his clients getting seduced by the new new and getting them to focus on what’s really helpful to their audience. Tom is an incredibly interesting chap – I feel chuffed to have found out more about how this hugely influential and entertaining figure in our industry thinks.