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Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

Apr 5, 2019


‘We jump five steps ahead when it comes to tech - instead of using the basics’ this quote comes from Jon Mew CEO at IAB UK this week on the Shiny New Object Podcast.

Jon is a progressive and brave leader who isn’t afraid to experiment with new ways of leading his organisation. He makes the interesting point that businesses talk about collaboration, freedom and choice yet we tell employees where to sit, which computer and even which pen to use. This says to people ‘you are stupid’.

He shares his views on investing in training, coaching and counselling, believing that the most effective leaders have a focus on this. It’s reassuring that the IAB is doing this. After all it has a responsibility to lead the industry and if it’s own leaders aren’t on top form - what hope do we have?

When people join the IAB he insists that they ‘don’t go native’ - he hires people because of their different views - not because he wants them to adopt the IAB’s. However, he concedes that “getting the culture right is incredibly difficult to do.”

Jon’s #ShinyNewObject is ‘Voice Discoverability’ - this means making sure your brand is findable when consumers are using voice search on Siri/Echo/Home etc. He quotes @Comscore who state that in the near future 50% of all search will be on Voice. His view is that ‘being the first brand in a search result is now even more important.

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