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Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

May 24, 2019

Jim describes himself as a “professional explainer” and there’s evidence to believe this might be true. He sold personal computers in the 70’s, business computers in the 80’s, championed the internet in the 90’s and set up the Digital Analytics Association in the 00s. And he’s managed to crank out 12 books in that time. His most recent is ‘Artificial Intelligence in Marketing.’

He “wants to be remembered as someone who knew what was coming.” Jim’s current ‘shiny new object’ is SOLID. This is a technology being spearheaded by Tim Berners (via that gives users back control of their data. This tech he explains “is not ready for prime time” but when/if it works it will keep all of our own data about our health, location, preferences, passport, insurance and social etc in one place. We will then give different businesses different access to our data at different times. This will provide the foundation for our smart assistants like Alexa to purchase things and organise our lives without our input.

This is an exciting glimpse at what the future of the world and our industry might be.

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