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Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

Jun 7, 2019

“I make people want burgers” - this quote comes from Fátima Diez International Brand and Comms Manager at Five Guys this week on the Shiny New Object podcast.

Fátima tells us that Five Guys’ marketing relies on listening to their audience and serving their needs in store and in social. Besides a PR retainer for their agency to act as a press office they don’t spend money on marketing, paid media or vouchering. In Fatima’s words they “grow genuine love instead of paying people to love us.” This sounds like the utopian vision that social media agencies sold to brands ten years ago but such hippie ideals were lost to an ad-funded facebook who demanded investment for their impressions.

;]Fátima Diez dreamed of becoming a translator in the European parliament but we’re lucky she ended up in marketing instead. As one of The Drum’s '50 under 30' I got the real sense I was talking to a future leader of the industry. She’s articulate, funny and smart and describes herself as “an idea and concept-driven person who has learned to speak in numbers”. She tells me “make sure you learn the language of the person you want to convince...look at how people are measuring their own success.”

She warns her peers not to get sucked into buzzwords such as ‘purpose marketing’ confessing that Five Guys are “not challenging society...we are trying to make the best burgers and fries for each person.” This may be unconventional but Five Guys are opening a new store every week which is good work for “a very anti-marketing business.”

“Brands need to focus on improving consumers lives and make their experiences better. Listen to the customers, take their priorities onboard - your business will grow and you’ll feel better because you are doing good in the world.” In a world of shiny new objects, it’s easy for us to forget this important truth but Fátima is here to remind us.

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